Wendy´s Closet, with address located at Rómulo Betancourt Plaza Amer, Bella Vista, Distrito Nacional, SD, Dominican Republic, 10112, we want to provide you with the best possible experience within our website (https://www.wendycloset.com) as well as the products and services that we offer in it, so that all the content of this document aims to make you aware of the Privacy and Cookies Policy, which will be applicable each time you enter or browse our website, for what we ask you to review the content of it so that you are aware of what personal data we collect, how we use your personal data, what we use it for, how we protect your personal information, what are your rights and the options you have to control your personal information and protect your privacy
Wendy’s Closet, being responsible for the use and protection of your personal data in compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter Data Law), we use the personal information you share with us to: (i) make our products and services on the website or store, as well as their experience better and closer and the favorites of our customers, (ii) comply with the sale of products that go and / or have purchased from us through our website and / or in our stores, (iii) follow up on purchase orders, shipments, comments, returns, opinions, complaints and suggestions of our products and / or services, (iv ) customer service in stores and / or on the website, (v) invite you to events, (vi) evaluate the quality of the products and services we provide, as well as maintain general communication and follow up on our relationship with commercial, (vii) provide you with information about Wendy’s Closet and / or DRAPE products as well as other brands and / or companies and / or persons legally related to Wendy’s Closet, as well as the development and support of activities of electronic commerce), including, in relation to said products, the sending of commercial communications through emails, telephone calls, SMS messages and other electronic or physical means of communication that are appropriate and pertinent to fulfill this purpose. In the same way, part of the acceptance of this Privacy Policy also implies your express consent to collect information related to your credit or debit card (s), as well as with respect to transfers of personal information to third parties located in Mexico or abroad, as will be indicated later in this Privacy Policy.

Wendy’s Closet will not collect sensitive personal information from you, such as racial or ethnic origin, health status, religious, philosophical or moral beliefs, union or political affiliation, and sexual preference. All the purposes for which personal information is collected that will be expressed in this Privacy Policy, are necessary for the relationship established here between you and Wendy’s Closet. You can restrict the use or disclosure of your personal information for purposes other than those that are necessary for said relationship. At any time you can have access to your personal information and in the same way you can rectify said information, cancel or oppose its use, transfer, storage or processing that we give to such personal information; unless otherwise provided in accordance with the Data Law for which, we invite you to know our Privacy Notice. We will use the information you provide us for various purposes, as described below.


“Personal information” is any information related to you that personally identifies you, either separately or in combination with other information available to us. Wendy’s Closet will collect various types of personal information and various personal data about you, including the following (as appropriate). Wendy’s Closet will also collect the following information when you sign up for an account, if you choose to provide it: email, address, phone number, gender, personal interests,

social identifier (if you decide to access your account through a social network) and age or date of birth.
When you use our products and services we will ask you for personal information (at the time of collecting the Personal Data we will explain what information is required and what information you can decide to provide us), such as:
– Postal address and payment data when placing an order in our Internet store, including the credit or debit card details that you provide as a means of payment, as well as the CVV, which will not be stored for subsequent purchases.
– Date of birth and / or confirmation that you are of legal age.
– Email address when registering for one of our promotions or newsletters
– A record of the communication maintained with you (including any information you have provided in any of our products or services), if you have been in contact with our Customer Service.
– Delivery address for merchandise (if applicable).


We will also collect personal information about you when you interact with our brands, website and your use of them, as follows:
– Websites: We will collect information about the Wendy’s Closet websites you visit and how you use them. When you visit one of our websites, data from your browser will be sent to our servers. In this way, we will collect personal information such as:

– IP adress
– The date and time of the visit and the time you have stayed on our website
– The referrer URL (the site the visitor has come from)
– The pages visited on our website
– Information about the device and the browser (such as, type and version of the browser, operating system, etc.).

– Cookies and similar devices: We and our partners use various technologies to collect and store information when you visit our websites or use our applications, and this will include sending one or more cookies or other similar devices on the device.
For the aforementioned in sections A) and B), The user (you) hereby guarantees that the personal data provided is true and accurate and undertakes to notify any change or modification thereof, including a change of address for make deliveries of purchased goods and / or email address. Any loss or damage caused to the site or to the person responsible for the website or to any third party through the communication of erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete information in the registration forms will be the sole responsibility of the user.

In the event that you provide us with personal data of third parties, you are responsible for having informed and having obtained their consent to be provided for the purposes detailed below. In the case of having proceeded to purchase a product or purchase a gift card (hereinafter, merchandise), the personal data of third parties provided will be used only for (i) the management of the shipment or the verification of receipt of the commodity; (ii) attend to the requests that you make and (iii) share our products with your acquaintances by email.

In the same way, any user of our website, by the mere fact of using it and carrying out activities such as the purchase of goods by electronic means, accepts the terms and conditions thereof, as well as ensures that they are of legal age and with capacity to acquire obligations such as the payment of the requested goods, the means of payment that you use, etc.


The personal information that we collect when you register for the first time will be used for identification and authentication purposes in all the services offered by Wendy’s Closet, which are the sale in store and online through our website of clothing, accessories and footwear, as well as, where appropriate, he sent them to the address you indicate.

Wendy´s Closet creates a profile for you with the necessary information to offer you our products and services. Personal information that we collect from the above sources will be used in the format that is received, or may be combined with personal information that we collect from other internal or external sources, as appropriate. We use and analyze this personal information for the other purposes detailed below:

– Improvement of our products and services: we will use your personal information to create a profile about you in order to understand how you use our products and services, to develop more interesting and relevant products and services, and to personalize the products and services that you we offer.

– Processing your order: We use the relevant personal information described above (including your name, address and payment details) to process and deliver your order, and to inform you of the status of your order. In addition, we can use your age, year of birth or the confirmation of the age of majority required in Mexico, to make purchases online and if you are considered a minor for the purposes of the Data Law and / or any additional law regarding the Product commercialization.

– Carrying out controls: We will also use your personal information to evaluate that your Credit or Debit Card is not classified as fraudulent and thus avoid possible fraud. To this end, we may have to share your personal information with our credit rating providers (see “How we share your personal information” below).

– Customer Service: If you contact our Customer Service (or vice versa), we will use personal information such as your order information and contact history to process your request and provide you with the best possible service.

– Wendy´s Closet products and services, commitments and offers: we will use your personal information to offer you the products and services that you have requested, such as promotions and events. This, if applicable, will include the use of your personal information for your participation in promotions, using your contact information for events.

– Marketing: By registering to receive newsletters from Wendy’s Closet, create a unique account on our websites, become a member of a Wendy’s Closet community, use an application, buy or provide information about a product or service online or use our website, we will use your personal information to create a profile based on the information we have about you. We create your profile based on your preferences in order to provide you with the best personalized experience, send you personalized marketing messages and newsletters, and for opinion research purposes.

– Improvement of our products and services: We will use the personal information that we have about you (as well as anonymous or semi-anonymous information generated from your personal information) to carry out analysis and research, on how to improve our products and services, including without limiting a data analysis, with which we combine information (for example, personal information that we have obtained through the use of a Wendy’s Closet application or your browsing history) that we maintain on a large scale in order to better understand our customers and their preferences, identify patterns and trends among our customers, improve the user experience on our websites, provide information, content and offers tailored to the needs of our customers, for general research and statistical purposes, develop new products and services, being able to send you personalized marketing messages and show you Internet advertisements.


– Website: The personal information collected through our websites, such as through cookies or other tracking technologies, will be used to allow us to evaluate browsing habits on our websites, to know where improvements can be made and to optimize our products and services. , as well as to personalize and improve your experience on our websites and applications.


We treat your personal information carefully and confidentially and do not share it with third parties other than those indicated below: (1) Entities or persons legally related to Wendy’s Closet, (2) Logistics service providers, such as for example : courier and / or parcel services, transportation, storage, distribution, etc. (3) Request for Competent Authority, (4) With your consent or request, (5) Providers of administrative, accounting, legal and / or necessary services for the fulfillment of the corporate purpose of Wendy’s Closet.


In any case, we declare that only the necessary personal information will be provided with third parties, and it can never be sensitive or restricted information, with the sole purpose of fulfilling the corporate purpose of Wendy’s Closet and to facilitate when registering with your unique registration Wendy´ s Closet (name, email address, password and date of birth) with our cloud service providers for identification and authentication purposes, so you can log into your Wendy’s Closet account quickly and easily you want from anywhere in the world.
We are committed to protecting your personal information and putting in place appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect it against any unauthorized or illegal treatment and against any accidental loss, destruction or damage.


E) HOW DO WE KEEP YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION? We will retain your personal information for (5) five years from your last interaction with us, such as the date your account was deleted, your last purchase, the last time you used one of our website or some other form of contact or interaction, unless the law requires a longer or shorter retention period, which is necessary in the course of a judicial proceeding or is required for a specific purpose in accordance with applicable law.


F) LINKS TO OTHER THIRD PARTY WEBSITES Our websites may contain links to third party websites, and some of our services will provide them access to third party services (such as social media).
We have no control over the way third party websites and services treat your personal information. We do not review third party websites or services, and we are not responsible for such third party websites and services or their privacy practices. Please read the privacy policies of third party websites or services that you can access from our websites or services.


G) YOUR RIGHTS IN RELATION TO YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION We attach great importance to a level playing field and transparency. We maintain a dialogical stance about the personal information we collect and we have put in place mechanisms so that you can exercise the rights you may have regarding your personal information.

H) ACCESS AND CORRECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION If you have placed an order for products or services or if you have opened an account with us, you can access a significant amount of your personal information through one of our websites. In general, our websites offer you the option to complete, update or delete the information we have about you, in accordance with the provisions of our Privacy Notice regarding the exercise of Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition. (ARCO rights). If any personal information we have about you is not accessible through our website, you can send a request for access to this information at no cost using the contact information found at the end of this privacy policy. You can write to us at any time to request modifications of certain personal information that you consider to be incorrect or irrelevant, as well as to request that we block, erase or delete your personal information. We will update, block, delete or delete your personal information upon request in accordance with applicable legislation, and for this you will be asked for certain documentation to identify you in accordance with the requirements of the Law.


All of our marketing communications contain an easy way to opt out of receiving messages, such as a link through which you can unsubscribe. You can also unsubscribe from certain channels (for example, email) as indicated in the message received on that channel or through Wendy’s Closet account settings. If you wish to stop receiving marketing messages from Wendy’s Closet, you can use the unsubscribe link in the messages you have received or, alternatively, you could contact our customer service department via email: privacy@wendycloset.com.

Please note that if you choose to stop receiving marketing messages in the manner specified above, we will continue to process your personal information, in particular in order to understand your interests and preferences, but we will stop using your personal information to send you marketing messages, whether they are customized or not. If you want us to stop processing the information in whole or in part, we have already explained how to do it in the previous paragraph.


I) DELETING INFORMATION DEFINITELY You can request Wendy´s Closet to delete your personal information at any time in accordance with the provisions of our Privacy Notice regarding the exercise of ARCO Rights. We will review your request and, where necessary, comply with it in accordance with applicable law, as explained above.


J) MODIFICATIONS OF THIS POLICY Wendy´s Closet is committed to complying with the fundamental principles of privacy and data protection. For this reason, we periodically review the online privacy statement in order to ensure that it is error-free and clearly visible on websites, contains appropriate information about your rights and our processing activities, and is put into practice and is in accordance with applicable legislation. We may update this privacy policy from time to time to keep it updated, to keep you up to date with new developments and possibilities of the Internet and to make it comply with applicable legislation. If we make material changes to this statement, you will be informed by posting a notice on our website, along with an updated version of the privacy policy.
CONTACT: If you have any questions about our use of your personal information, how to exercise your rights or our privacy policy, we invite you to contact us at:

CUSTOMER SERVICE Through email: hola@wendycloset.com or by phone at number 18292692944

DATA PROTECTION TEAM By email writing to the address: privacy@wendycloset.com

At Wendy´s Closet we are interested in making all our website users feel included, which is why anyone can make use of them, but in case a minor declares it, use our services within the website, we will take note of This information, as well as the user expressly states that he has the express approval of his parents (legal guardian), as well as that the means of payment that he uses have been authorized by them. If any legal guardian does not approve that a minor is in charge of using our website, we ask that you contact the channels mentioned in this document and make this situation known, as well as provide the necessary evidence to verify your saying, as well how you express your desire that we delete the person information you indicate.

A cookie is a small text file that a website places on your computer, telephone or any other device, with information about your browsing on that site. Cookies are necessary to facilitate navigation and make it more user-friendly, and they do not harm your computer. Although the general term of cookie is used in this policy as it is the main method of storing information used by this website, the “Local storage” space of the browser is also used for the same purposes as cookies. In this sense, all the information included in this section is equally applicable to this “Local storage”.

What are cookies used for on this website?
Cookies are an essential part of how our website works. The main objective of our cookies is to improve your browsing experience. For example, to remember your preferences (language, country, etc.) during navigation and on future visits. The information collected in cookies also allows us to improve the website, by estimating numbers and usage patterns, adapting the website to the individual interests of users, speeding up searches, etc. Sometimes, if we have obtained your prior informed consent, we may use cookies, tags or other similar devices to obtain information that allows us to show you, from our website, those of third parties, or any other means, advertising based on the analysis of your habits of navigation.

Why are cookies NOT used on this website?
We do not store sensitive personally identifiable information such as your address, password, CVV details of your credit or debit card, etc., in the cookies we use.

Who uses the information stored in cookies?
The information stored in the cookies on our website is used exclusively by us, with the exception of those identified below as “third-party cookies”, which are used and managed by external entities to provide us with services requested by us to improve our services and the user experience when browsing our website. The main services for which these “third-party cookies” are used are obtaining access statistics and guaranteeing the payment operations carried out.

How can I avoid the use of cookies on this website?
If you prefer to avoid the use of cookies on this page taking into account the above limitations, you must firstly disable the use of cookies in your browser and, secondly, delete the cookies stored in your browser associated with this website. This possibility of avoiding the use of cookies can be carried out by you at any time.

How do I disable and eliminate the use of cookies?
To restrict, block or delete cookies from this website, you can do so at any time by modifying your browser settings in accordance with the guidelines indicated below. Although the parameterization of each browser is different, it is common for the cookie settings to be made in the “Preferences” or “Tools” menu. For more details on the configuration of cookies in your browser, consult the “Help” menu of the same.